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Spookies – a new game for Windows Phone

20 Apr , 2014   Video

Spookies is a new game for Windows Phone which gets inspiration from the infamous Flappy Bird. Its nice and fun, and will keep you entertained for quite a while!

Check out the video above for the game play :) You can get the app below






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Windows Phone 8.1 Bugs & Stuffs

19 Apr , 2014   Video

Check out the video above, and you’ll know what this post is all about. By mistake i used Movie Maker instead of my usual AVS and that screwed up the quality :( Sorry for that. There seems to be a weired bug in existence with the SIM PIN feature of Windows Phone 8.1, it was not there up until Windows Phone 8. More about this feature here. I almost thought that i bricked my Lumia because of Windows Phone 8.1 for the first time. But hey, at least I’ve discovered this bug for the first time AFAIK :) So if you happen to undergo the same, just calm down and remove your SIM and/or SD Card and see if that works! Might be a firmware problem with the proximity sensor too, you never know!

And its obvious that if you’ve installed apps in the SD Card, and if you remove it, the apps won’t work. But AFAIK there is no screen shots actually showing what really Windows Phone 8.1 shows you in that case, so here it goes the full resolution screen shot.


Look that its showing as ‘unavailable’


Apps are faded out, and are unclickable


Look at the ‘X’ mark near the 99, its NexGen Reader installed in SD

Hey wait, at the time of writing this i noticed some users are having issue with the Nokia Lumia Icon’s power button and has voiced this out in the WPC forum, but they can wake the phone up with the camera key at least. In my case, even camera key didn’t work :( Now i’m not sure what the bug is and the reason behind it, because that was an Icon begin reported and also he mentions it might be an issue of dust clogging himself in the forum while mine is a 720 with no dust inside/outside the power button. After all it was fine all these time since i got this phone on April last year. By the way, wish my phone a happy first birthday :)

And also last night, i came across this amazing guy in Reddit, see what he has done with Cortana!

This is what that guy has to say about this on his blog

So why not take it a bit further? What about letting her control my lights – because, yes, giving an AI access to deadly electricity is a great idea (no, really, it is).

This uses a Netduino, Bluetooth module, and a normal 240v desk-lamp.


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Flipboard arrives to Windows Phone as a Beta app – Updated

19 Apr , 2014  

Its here after a while, Flipboard comes to Windows Phone. Personally, i stick with my NextGen Reader in phone and feedly cloud in desktop. But for the ones who wish to get the latest and greatest via Flipboard, you can do that now :)


FlipBoard Beta


As i said, i’m not a fan of Flipboard, and hence didn’t install the app myself. Just went through the app reviews and seems like its a fake app published under Flipboard for Windows Phone Publisher name. Still not sure what is going on :( Let me update you once things are sorted out.


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Windows Phone 8.1 Screen Shots and Stuffs

17 Apr , 2014  


This post is about my random thoughts on Windows Phone 8.1 and what it has to offer in no certain order, its quite like a rant, like i’m writing a diary. If you’re into editorial stuffs, you might like this one ;) Its image heavy, and the comments are at the bottom of the screenshots.

  • We have a new Downloads folder, sweet! No more searching where the downloads went :)
  • SD has a System Volume Information, oh Windows! Perhaps it has the encrypting the apps part in it and extras. It has an index.



Yeah I know :)




No one reads these Microsoft :D


This sucks dude!


This time you wait, makes you go mad!


This is sweet :)


This is very much welcome :)


Store gives you notifications :O


S/MIME, because security


Always get full email!


Oh the irony!




Absorb, you’re my spongebob.


Learn me!


Swipe keyboard is so awesome, it got the world record!


New start logo is kinda neat. Same thing everywhere, unification is nice.


1546 :O I never knew i used so many apps.


Many doesn’t accept the beta, you NEED the official for Cortana for example.


This is the best thing happened to Windows Phone, ever.






Everything has a new splash screen.


Featured Music? Another way to promote who pays? Maybe.



1840 :D I actually have 2000+


From when Bing weather is having this? :O


2.18 :) Thanks :P


These controls comes handy.



Microsoft and Dev can now reply to you, if you act like a moron.



This works like a charm.










I see what you did there, Cortana.


This is nice, the times.



RT is now here! Yeah for Tweeps.


Mute! Awesome :)







I still want Opera with Blink, but IE is no slouch.


Thank you, IE.




Yeah i know, i’m not a gamer.


This should appear inside Games alone.



This clock getting lower is nice.


Headphones and BT has separate controls, 4 controls for audio. And its louder now. And yeah Selena ;)


This looking for music everytime i open the app slows me down, i have more than 2000 songs :(


Emoji suggestions is epic, same as the keyboard.


Oh you can now directly put Office files to your phone or SD sans the need to route it via OneDrive!

Thank you, if you came down all this way :) Go enjoy Windows Phone 8.1 now :) And sorry for not getting you these in video walk through, i am having my final year semester exams going on :(

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Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview is now Live

14 Apr , 2014  


The Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview is live now! Go grab the update, if you are a developer or somehow got access to the Preview for Developers app :) And here is a review round up.


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Information on how Windows Phone 8.1 stores apps to the SD Card

13 Apr , 2014  

Windows Phone 8.1

We ran through the Windows Phone’s latest security overview PDF provided by Microsoft, and it has few details about how the storing the apps in the SD will work. Remember you need at least Class 6 and Class 10 preferably to use that feature. Let me quote the same now, from the PDF

Windows Phone devices have an SD card slot that allows users to store apps and data on an SD card. Windows Phone stores the apps on an encrypted SD card partition that is specifically designated for apps. This feature is always enabled, so there is no need to explicitly set a policy to have this level of protection. The Disable removable storage card policy prevents users from using SD cards altogether, but the primary advantage to the new SD card app partition encryption feature is that you can give users the flexibility to use an SD card while still protecting the confidential apps and data on the SD card. Windows Phone stores personal content (like photos and videos) on the SD card in an unencrypted partition so that the user can access the SD card on other devices and share content with others. If SD card use is enabled, users can sideload apps and upload data from the card. They can use this functionality to install apps that might be accessible by your MDM system as well, but any apps installed from the SD card must be signed by the Windows Phone Store or your organization’s certificate. And also note to sideload an app from an SD card, the device must be unlocked, which you can prevent by setting the Disable development unlock (side loading) policy.

On Information Rights Management

Windows Phone is one of the few smartphones that offers native support for IRM, enabling users to fully participate in IRM-protected email conversations and to access IRM-protected documents on their devices. Support for IRM in Windows Phone is based on Windows RMS. When IRM is employed, the data in rights-protected documents or email messages is encrypted, and only authorized users can view it. IRM can also be used to limit other rights to a document or message, such as limiting access to Read-only content, preventing anyone from copying content in the document or message, preventing email form being forwarded, or preventing the document or message from being printed. IRM relies on Windows RMS, a Windows Server–based technology that IT administrators can configure to manage the encryption keys for rights-protected documents. In addition, Windows RMS can be applied to email so that messages can circulate in a protected environment but not be forwarded outside the organization. Windows RMS can also be applied to documents that are attached to email or stored on Microsoft SharePoint servers, limiting distribution and editing capabilities and helping to prevent information from being leaked to unauthorized personnel. Organizations can use IRM in conjunction with Microsoft Office 365 services, such as SharePoint Online and Exchange Online. You can enable Windows Azure Active Directory Rights Management for your organization in Office 365 and use IRM just as you would if you had installed Windows RMS on your intranet. IT can configure IRM by using the Allow IRM over EAS policy in your MDM system or Microsoft Exchange Server. For more information about this policy, see the “Security-related policy settings” section later in this guide.


New in Windows Phone 8.1 is S/MIME support, which allows you to digitally sign or encrypt email messages. The digital signature helps recipients know the authenticity of the sender and that the email message actually originated from the sender. Digital encryption encrypts the content of the email message and can be unencrypted by the authorized recipients only. S/MIME uses certificates that your MDM system manages or even virtual smart cards to perform encryption and signing.

Attackers commonly gain unauthorized access to information by viewing unencrypted data sent between devices and the services users access. Windows Phone provides a number of encryption methods for protecting the communication between the device and the services that manage your data, including Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Most web-based services use TLS or SSL for secure communication. Windows Phone supports TLS 1.0 – 1.2 and SSL 3.0 to help ensure that all communication is adequately protected.Windows Phone ships with several trusted root certificates that can be used with TLS and SSL, and you can easily add new trusted root certificates manually or through your MDM system.

In some instances, users require access to information that resides on servers on your organization’s private intranet. VPN connections are a common method for providing this type of secured access. You can require VPN connection encryption by configuring the VPN servers in your organization to it. Windows Phone includes support for a number of VPN vendors in addition to Microsoft VPN connections. Windows Phone 8.1 introduces support for IKEv2, IPsec, and SSL VPN connection (the SSL VPN connections require a downloadable plug-in from the VPN server vendor). VPNs also require user (and optionally device) authentication to help further protect the VPN connection.

So basically, you will have an encrypted part in your SD that is accessible only via a Windows Phone 8.1, and the rest of your card that remains as usual. In that case i recommend formatting your card in exFat as well :)