Hello / Hei, I am Nokia Tips :)

Hello / Hei 🙂

Traditionally, most of you can testify that things don’t normally work out well with “strangers” during their first time. At least more than 50% of them have stories to tell. People normally go “Who’re they?” “Where are they from?” “Do you know them?” and those kinda questions. Only few people actually brave up their spirit in most cases to question the “strangers” and if possible try to make friends with them (knowing fully well that they don’t bite). We are not an exception on this case and we’ve equally had our own “Who are you” kinda questions. So this post should basically serve as an introduction about us.

We Just Arrived

Who are We?

We are Nokia Tips! 🙂 Well, The phrase “Nokia Tips” is self explanatory. You could call us a family, community, or even friends. We are a group of passionate Nokia users (of course, human beings), that have teamed up to provide detailed information or tips on Nokia device usage; In other words, Nokia Tips. We are basically from different parts of the world but we form a community that has one spirit, one passion – Nokia!

Our major source of inspiration is the kind of connection that Nokia has within themselves not withstanding their location. They communicate with one spirit, one voice and the same mind. They have the best approach when it comes to customer service especially with the use of social Media. Equally, to think of the way our kind friends @Nokia_Connects communicates with almost all their friends and at the same time render review units to people without hassle never seizes to amaze us! They’ve always made us feel special (even though we may not be) that we have to boast about them everywhere we go.

What do we do?

This is a service committed to yielding a positive result. We strive to make our other friends from all over the world (including you) have a full time experience with their Nokia phones. We hope to achieve our goal. It’s obvious that most people out there basically use their Nokia phones on “Hello, … Ok Bye” basis. This service is basically to give you detailed information on so much other things that you could do with your Nokia mobile phone.

Are we Nokia Officials?

No! We’re merely passionate Nokia users but we see ourselves like officials providing wonderful service.

The Website?

Yes! This is meant to be an effective medium of communication as we would be giving you full details (of what we know and what our friends know too) on tips, recommendations related to Nokia. Let’s take this as a perfect launching of our website too.

So far, we’ve been doing good. We’ve made more friends 🙂 People have recommended us on twitter and many other platforms. Some other “Nokia family members” have joined us and we’re growing. We want to say thank you to everyone.

Please feel free to drops us notes here or on twitter (@NokiaTips). We appreciate Kind gestures, it keeps us going.

Young Bobby

Bobby is a complete Nokia enthusiast, web developer and most importantly, a human being. He spends most of his time researching and surfing the web. He has a good sense of humor. He enjoys discussions pertaining to the web, nokia and music. He is free spirited.

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