Maximizing Battery performance on your Nokia Device

It’s obvious that most people want the best out of their mobile phones and that includes having a quality battery with long lasting life. In most situations, we involve ourselves with activities that consume our battery and we keep yelling “Low Battery!!!”. Nowadays, most phones have a lot of built in features that contribute to high level of battery consumption. Here are some tips you could adopt in your day to day mobile activities inorder to have a sweet mobile experience with maximum battery performance.

1. Decrease your screen display brightness:

Decreasing the brightness of your cell phone’s screen is the most definite way of increasing battery life. Most Nokia phones support this. So supposing the level of brightness in your cell phone settings is 8 / 10, a level of 5 is more than enough and looks more pleasing to the eye. I have seen phones having 1 / 5 brightness and still showing everything on the screen crisply. Over bright displays not only hamper usage, they cut down battery life by a large factor.


Also, cutting down completely on the back light is also possible. Many phones, specially the classic Nokia ones can work without requiring the use of a back light. Of course, in the dark you have to use a back light but if you are low on battery, turning the back light off can keep you up for some more precious time.

Same goes for in built flash lights on the phones – don’t use them if you are on low battery.

2. Switch the vibrate function off on your phone, using just the ring tone. The vibrate function uses additional battery power. Keep the ring tone volume as low as possible.

3. Charge only when required:

Charging your phone’s battery only when required helps increase battery life in the long run. Suppose your phone measures battery levels on a scale of 5. Your current level is 4. Don’t charge your battery unless you truly want to – if you know you don’t require portability, let the battery drain down to say at least 1 or 2, then charge it. Charging when not required cuts down battery life.

4. Switch the vibrator off, keep it ringing:

When you are on low battery, switch off the phone’s vibrator. The vibrator uses up a lot of battery power and if you can use the ringing tone instead, use that.

5. Switch off the phone! :

This is the most effective way of conserving battery. If you don’t need your phone, or you are in an area where there is no reception, switch it off. Of course don’t be tempted to switch it on/off again and again, it will bring your battery level down to zero!

Some phones have an Offline mode also meaning the connection from the network is cut, but you can continue to use the phone otherwise for WiFi, taking pictures etc. Putting your phone in Offline mode also helps save battery life, since you are not receiving/ making calls and because your phone is not interacting with the network.


6. Use a power saver, don’t play games:

Don’t use a flashy screen saver. Most phones support something known as a a power saver, where the phone simply displays Date/Time on the screen. Use it. Screen savers consume battery power that can be otherwise saved.

As expected, if you are low on battery, don’t play games. Games may squeeze every drop of a phone’s resources and will do the same with the battery.

These are simple tips that you can use to maximize the battery life and output of your battery. Conserve when you can! Feel free to add your own tips in the comment section!


You can find more resources on this topic at WikiHow


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