New Pack of services Introduced (#FF, #LinkBack etc)

In addition to our website launch, we have employed a few services for a start. The services are intended to keep the community lively and filled with smiles (That’s our major aim though) as we post our regular tips. We appreciate those that appreciate us! So, this post should serve as a guide to the new services that have just been introduced!

The new services include:

  • #FF
  • #LinkBack (Limited)
  • #NokiaTipsPic

  1. #FF: – The #FF is similar to the famous twitter trend called “#FollowFriday but in a different perspective. If you take a look at the right hand corner of this website, you’ll see the “#FF” section with few twitter usernames written beneath it. We would be recommending our twitter friends (at most 5) that we interact very well with and are equally part of the Nokia Family. The #FF section lasts for one week (from Friday to Friday).
  2. #LinkBack – This service is quite similar to the #FF but in another direction. This service would only be beneficial to website owners. We would be providing a Link Back to some Nokia related websites. We take them as friends and at the same time work hand in hand with them. At the moment, we’ve not added any #LinkBack.
  3. #NokiaTipsPic – This is equally another best of its kind from Nokia Tips. We think it would be nice to share nice photos taken from Nokia devices and show the world. What do you think? Use the hashtag #NokiaTipsPic and share your nice photos with us @NokiaTips and stand chance of being featured on our side bar as the Photo of the Week!


    – Photo must be taken with a Nokia Device
    – A brief description of the photo would be needed.

Please feel free to write about us on your blogs! (Big Thanks to a few that have done that already) 🙂

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask us here or on any of the social networks.

Here is our Twitter Page & FaceBook Page.

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