Bounce Boing Battle- Multiplayer Only Game

Two Mobiles, One Game. Play Ball!


Bound Boing Battle is very addictive Multiplayer only game which gives you unlimited hours of fun. Challenge your friend in duel. It is available for Symbian. This game also support NFC to bypass all those bluetooth pairing process, Just Tap and Play.

Bounce Boing Battle
Bounce Boing Battle is two players only game, that means you cannot play game alone. Bounce the ball between two screens, yours and your opponent and win the round by making a goal. There are four exciting game arena to select from. You can set the number of rounds  to win the game.

You are suppose to draw a collision line to bounce the ball back to opponent’s field. There are some static and dynamic obstacles to make the game interesting and difficult.

So try the game and have fun. 😀


Kishan Gor is a Co-Founder of NokiaTips. He is Software Developer by profession and have a great passion for Programming and Gadgets.

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