Here is How to Link a Nokia 360 Speaker to a NFC Enabled Phone

Everytime  you see something about NFC you are told it’s the future of connectivity and just how easy it will be to use.  But you are not really sure quite how it works in a real world situation.

Below is a quick hands on of  how to link a Nokia N9 to a Nokia 360 play. It seems like a pretty simple and it could be even simpler if at the 47 second mark the switch of “Confirm Sharing and Connecting” was flipped to off. This would allowed the N9 simply to connect to the speaker instead of asking if if you wanted to connect at the 1:05 point.

Either way it looks pretty simple, but you can watch the video and decide for yourself.


I hope this hands on demo of how to link the 360 speaker via NFC  helps you get a better understanding on how NFC works.

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