Introducing – #RecapReview :)

Well, all we do at Nokia Tips HQ is think! think! think! The last few hours of pen chewing, so much silence, constructive arguments, brain storming (all in a bid to give you the happiest mood as a Nokia enthusiast) has not been too easy as we’ve been making head ways to serving you even better (not as an Official team) but as friends 🙂

We considered a lot of points and we finally thought of – Recap Review.

What is it?
Recap Review is a simple service. The major aim is to make a widespread of people’s thoughts on certain Nokia Devices so as to create or expand people’s knowledge on those devices. In order words (just as the name implies), we will be ‘summarizing’ your reviews on Nokia devices with full link to your post.

How does it work?
Well, it’s quite simple. We do work round the clock and by doing such we will equally ‘flip pages’ on the internet (like social networks) for ‘catchy’ and interesting Nokia reviews but the easiest way to catch your web review on any Nokia device would be when you give us a mention on twitter @NokiaTips or with the HashTag #RecapReview.

So, are you a blogger, journalist, writer or just a complete Nokia enthusiast? Get your thoughts about a particular Nokia, give us a mention via @NokiaTips using #RecapReview and URL to post and leave the rest to us!

This service is a complete motivation from @Nokia_Connects and the Weekly Recap service by @NokiaTips

so … KICK OFF!!! Yay! 🙂

Young Bobby

Bobby is a complete Nokia enthusiast, web developer and most importantly, a human being. He spends most of his time researching and surfing the web. He has a good sense of humor. He enjoys discussions pertaining to the web, nokia and music. He is free spirited.

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