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For the benefit of our “Busy” friends that may have missed some of our posts this week, here are some of the things we talked about.

EDGE/3G vs WLAN : Battery Comparision & Tips

Kish wrote on some of the things what we ought to about “Battery Draining”. He compared the major network connection sectors. He thinks you should know more on what actually drains your Nokia phone battery thereby resorting to maximum performance schemes. Here is an excerpt from his post:

You may have heard everyone say “WLAN is much better to use than EDGE or 3G to save battery” but rarely you may have experience this difference carefully. Let me tell you my experience.

I have been using Nokia N9 for a month now with WLAN connected for almost whole day. Nokia N9 used to last around 1d 13h easily with average usage, which was surely a better, impressive stats …

Nokia N9 Apps – Readers Choice

It’s unfortunate that our dear MeeGo happens to be a “man alone” OS. I mean most people get frustrated in their quest to get suitable apps to fit with their demand on this OS but our dear Kish unveils in his post most of the popular apps on the Nokia N9 that you MAY not know.

NetView for N9 / MeeGo

Kish broadly reviews the wonderful and “must have” app on the Nokia N9 called NetView. What does it do? How does it work? Is it free? Read his post and find out. Here’s an excerpt from his post:

Netview is a VNC based remote control for your phone. Netview enables you to view and interact with your phone from your laptop via a wifi connection. It provides an easy way to access the phones’ apps from a computer.

Full Symbian^3 Source with Bootloader Source Leaked – Will It Help?

You sure don’t wanna miss the whole gist of the the Biggest OS leaked. Over here Kish discusses the major things leaked on our dear OS and equally compares the possibility of having an “improved” future with a “sleek” one as regards to our dear Symbian. Check it out and join the Discussion.

Wifi N9 Issue? This May Be Your Problem

Our dear friend from @NokiaInnovation Kevin shares his story with us. He sure had a “swell” time with his Nokia N9 as regards to his WiFi connectivity. He shares how he was able to fix his problem. Are you having WiFi issues on your Nokia N9? Check if his post helps.

Nokia Lumia 900 Announced – Exclusive to North America with AT & T

The much awaited Nokia N9 was announced recently and of course we’ve had our team mates on the ground looking for necessary things that you should know. Our dear Kish was able to get much stuff for you. Now, read (and watch) all about the Nokia Lumia 900. You should not miss this.

Lumia Clone Running Android!

I know you must be going :O right now? Yes!!! We have pictures too. Some Chinese guys sure did some hardwork right there and do you know what, it is quite cheap too. Please navigate to that post and find out more. Big thanks to Kish for this too.

USB OTG: Sharing the Charge!

What is the possibility of charging a Nokia phone with another Nokia phone? Ever thought of that? Well, let’s see how far this can go as Kish unveils his thoughts on USB OTG.

PR1.2 for Nokia N9 Screenshots

A lucky fellow on got a Nokia N9 from his friend working in Nokia which is running unreleased PR1.2 for Nokia N9. This topic has excited the members to find out what this new PR1.2, much awaited release for N9, looks like. A hot discussion about PR1.2 is going in the thread. Check it out

Create a Quick App with OVI App Wizard

Bobby explains the ease of creating a fast application with the OVI APP wizard. Takes roughly 10Minutes or less to get your Quick App running. Wanna know more? Check out the post 🙂

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