Wifi N9 Issue? This May Be Your Problem


When I first got my N9 I was having a wifi connection issue at my house. It would work at public wifi spots but never at home. So I tried several things on my own, asked for help from my Tweeples, Nokia Cares etc…

I even (gasp) turned off my WiFi password and left it wide open but to no avail. After a few weeks of screaming, cursing, and sweating I finally found the issue.

My wireless router settings in “Wireless Mode”  were set to Mixed: accepts 802.11b and 802.11g connections once I changed my wireless settings to Legacy everything has worked great!! I could even password protect my network again!!

My router is a Westell Model 7500 and your specific router may or may not have a “Legacy” setting on it at all, but learn from me and try to change your “Wireless Mode” settings.

Normally you can get into your router by putting       in your address bar.  There is another less used IP address for routers but normally  works just fine.  If it doesn’t work for you a little bit of internet searching should easily fix that problem.

Hope this helps your WiFi issue! Good Luck!

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