Celebrate this Valentine’s Day the finnish way. Happy ‘Ystävänpäivä’ #NokiaValentine

Oh! Please do not bite your tongue while trying to pronounce ‘Ystävänpäivä’. It’s actually a Finnish word that means “Friend’s Day” and by now I shouldn’t be mixing flavours. You know what it is! ;). In case you don’t, have you checked your calendar recently? C’moooon, we’re in the month of February already and of course, it’s the season of Love (plus my birth month too hehe). Most of our friends are making plans already to make this season a memorable one. When I say “most of us”, I mean everybody including Nokia.

Our wonderful friends from @Nokia_Connects have definitely taught us the Finnish word “Ystävänpäivä” and in addition, they are welcoming everybody (including you) to join the Finnish traditional method of celebrating “Ystävänpäivä”.

This Valentine’s day (Ystävänpäivä) is dedicated to you! In order to make the most out of it, we are joining the guys at Nokia Connects and every other Nokia related Blog or website to celebrate you.

How do we do that?
As usual, the NokiaTips community is a very interactive one. It’s always rather difficult for us when we’re meant to select few out of all for any sort of recognition. Our relationship with everyone within just the past two months (that’s how old we are) has been very very wonderful. I reckon this to be a continuation of our regular ‘chit-chat’ sessions 🙂

In addition to that, @Nokia_Connects has promised that;

Between now and the 14th, write a post on your blog or in the comments section below, about one of the best, most inspirational or caring friends in your life. Share your stories with us on Twitter with #NokiaValentine and we’ll feature our favourites next week. If you don’t have a blog feel free to email me as well!

So guys, you know where next to meet us for our regular ‘gists’ on topics. It’s always @NokiaTips but this time, we would be glad if you mentioned @Nokia_Connects too with the #NokiaValentine wishes, recommendations and thoughts.

Oh! Hit us up if you have anybody special to write about over here on our blog. We would be most delighted to ‘let you in’. Happy Ystävänpäivä

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