LPMCustomizer – Customize your Nokia N9 Lockscreen

Nick Leppänen Larsson has been kind enough to develop an app that adds beauty to your Nokia N9’s Lockscreen. Just like you have in the image above, the app allows you add any simple image (may be an icon / squircle) to add beauty to your N9. Here’s what he has to say:

So how does it work?

Basically, there is room on the lock screen allocated for operator customization (which some of you might have noticed). What my small application does is allow you to set your own image there instead. From a technical point of view it’s as simple as changing a gconf value (/desktop/meego/screen_lock/low_power_mode/operator_logo) to point to your own PNG-file (120×120, preferably black and white only)

Here is the Download link: http://go.nokiatips.in/AxbEXA

Additionally, you can make the image a little bit bigger but in order to achieve this, you have to be knowledgible with css files. If you’re not familiar with css, please do not attempt this so that you do not mess up the N9.

Here’s the path:


There is a header regarding the operator logo along the lines of MImage LowPowerMode Operator Logo. It is the one only with maximum-size, the one with 3 sizes is hidden logo. Alter that to 40mm 40mm and you should be right 🙂

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