Nokia 500 will get Nokia Belle But with some less features than other Nokia Belle devices

14 Feb , 2012  


Yes its a good news for all Nokia500 users that it will get Nokia Belle update during this February, But with some restrictions, Due to the technical specification Nokia Belle update get delayed on Nokia 500, as per the Nokia FAQ Page : 

Nokia Belle is specifically tailored to each phone model, including the  Nokia 500. Due to technical specifications, Nokia Belle for Nokia 500 differs to other Nokia Belle phones in the following aspects:

  • Nokia 500 with Nokia Belle only supports 4 homescreens.
  • Nokia 500 does not support NFC.
  • FM transmitter and widget are not supported in Nokia 500.
  • Nokia 500 includes Nokia Maps 3.06 instead of 3.08.

so here are some restrictions which Nokia 500 is going to face but one additional thing which Nokia 500 will get with Nokia Belle Update is Angry Birds. Yes this phone will get angry Birds with Belle update. iam hoping that Nokia Belle will soon be available for Nokia 500 too…

Abhishek Malik

Software engineer, Nokia Enthusiatic,Wants to work with Nokia