Nokia Social app updated to version 1.5.215

22 Feb , 2012  

Nokia just released the updated version of it’s Social application. The new version is a minor release, but it does fixes some major issues that the version 1.5.214 had.

First of all, everybody who loves sharing photos from the gallery won’t get the “Feature not supported” popup again. Yes, sharing from gallery works once again. Furthermore, you can now see your friends’ social activity straight from their contact card. You can also import Facebook events straight to your phone’s calendar. I thought that Nokia would fix this issue before MWC, to release the pressure a little and to be able to release the much awaited Nokia 808 with a working social client.

Only Nokia Belle phones will get this update, so if you’re still on the Anna side of Symbian, you should definitely get the Belle update.


The new version is available OTA(using the SW Updates application) or using Nokia Suite.

Photo courtesy of  AllAboutSymbian.

Source: SymbianTweet

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  • charlie

    for nokia E6??? 🙁

    • Try updating it through Nokia Suite. Just connect the E6 to your PC and use Tools menu->Software updates. You do gotta have Belle on your device though.

  • charlie

    and I try, download and install separate application but is not compatible, everything looks bad. eh read that does not work with e6, that bad to forget about us.

  • I’m sure it will be made available officially for E6 too.

  • mervin

    still no update for Nokia E6 available.. Come on Nokia, just forget your Lumia’s for one minute and make this update even available for the Nokia E6 users!

  • Victor

    Still no update after 6 months. E6 seem to be abandoned in Nokia even worse then within abandoned Symbian.