Oh Symbian! Oh Symbian! How much more of you are we getting?

[Update 1] The response we’ve had from this post says that this is a stipulated idea by the author of the post (Andrew from TheRegister.co.uk) and hence MAY NOT be true. Definitely, we are here to keep you updated if anything comes up!

A quote from The Register:

Exclusive Nokia is said to be hastening the demise of its legacy Symbian platform, cancelling the development of all but one new Symbian-based device. Although Nokia Belle updates will continue to ship to existing customers, only one new model – a successor to the N8 high-end camera phone – will reach the market, the Register understands.

Apparently, not withstanding the BIG boost that our dear Symbian has giving to the finnish company – Nokia. It has finally reached the stage where symbian says: “Just one more shot, and I am done”. From what we see, the Nokia N8’s successor is the only device that would be running the symbian OS and it’ll be a wrap.

What do you think folks? Will you miss Symbian?

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