Qt SDK 1.2 out in the wild with improved in-app purchasing integration



New Qt SDK 1.2 was released today for you to have easier time to develope those tasty apps and deploy to Symbian devices (including Anna and Belle) and the Nokia N9/N950. One of the major features is much improved in-app purchasing integration. Qt SDK 1.2 is of course free and can be used on downloaded to Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Ubuntu Linux powered PCs

Updated Qt SDK, version 1.2,  now available for download here.

Continuing the Qt promise of cross-platform development, the latest Qt SDK contains all the tools required for you to immediately get started creating Qt apps for Symbian and Nokia N9 and to benefit from the increasing numbers of Qt app downloads on the Nokia store.

Using the powerful Qt 4.7.4 APIs and the Qt Quick framework, you can develop an app and deploy it on Symbian devices (including Anna and Belle) and the Nokia N9. Investments you make developing with Qt today can also be carried forward into the future, with Qt being a core part of the Nokia strategy to connect the next billion phone users to the Internet.

The Qt SDK 1.2 adds a new version of Qt Creator (2.4) with improvements for C++ and Qt Quick development and updates to Symbian and MeeGo tools. Desktop developers also get the first release of Qt 4.8. The new version of Qt Creator offers improvements in the C++ and QML editors, such as syntax highlighting in QML, and improved static QML code-checking features.

Additionally, the Qt Mobility API 1.2 is included with APIs to harness the possibilities of Bluetooth and NFC. There are more than 20 new Qt Mobility examples, which are available from the Qt Creator welcome page.

In the SDK installer and the SDK maintenance tool you can now access advanced settings in which to specify your network’s proxy settings or add new SDK content repositories. This allows adding dynamic content to the SDK. Available today, the In-App Purchase API is the first new SDK content repository.

The Qt SDK 1.2 is available as a free download, and it can be used on Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Ubuntu Linux powered PCs.

Download the latest Qt SDK.

For more information, please see the Qt SDK 1.2 tool details page.

Note: If you have older Qt code for earlier phones, the Qt SDK 1.1.2 is still available for download

View all of the Qt-powered devices you can target when developing with the Qt SDK in our Device Specifications section

Please note that some older Symbian phones make use of Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian to install the Qt libraries on the phone. View the list of phones that can be targeted using the Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian.

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