Nokia N8 running MeeGo? Wow! :P

31 Mar , 2012  

Ok, we’ve been told not to say much about this until we confirm all we have (maybe in a few moments). Let the picture above pass on the message to you.

Actually, Kishan did a whole lot of magic got so this thing happening on the N8. You know what? It is so smooth!!!

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  • labodilsen

    Can’t believe my eyes, is it really the 1st of april allready? 😛

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  • vallentin

    i think is just one bad joke for april fools day.

  • John

    hehe…its an april fool!!! Nice one but i didnt fooled out

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  • Anonymous

    what u ppl r up to !!!!!!
    if it’s real then do tell me how to get it on my n8, looking forward for your reply….
    And if it’s a joke then man it was seriously bad……………..

    • sorry buddy, but it was a april fool prank, next post to it already mentions it.

  • Hossein

    Hey guys this is not meeGo OS! this is Nokis belle FP1!!!