Ovi Share will be discontinued

So, Adam Fraser from Nokia Conversations has reported of Nokia’s decision to discontinue the Ovi Share service as of May 30, 2012.

According to them;

Discontinuing Ovi Share was a business decision to help us focus on our core Nokia service offerings. The new business unit Location & Commerce, established in June 2011, is now in the center of our revised services strategy, bringing you leading location-based services like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and Nokia Transport.

We look forward to bringing you fresh and exciting services from Nokia and Location & Commerce in the future so check back here periodically for more news.

If you are an OVI share user, do not panic, you’ve got till May 30th, 2012 to download your content after which the service will no longer be accessible.

Here are steps to download your content:

  • Visit http://share.ovi.com from your personal computer
  • Login to your Ovi account
  • Go to Download your media library and click “Download now”
  • Follow the instructions on the site

According to them,

You can either download your items in one zip package or in various smaller parts. If you have a big media library or are on a slower internet connection we recommend you to download your content in various packages as it will certainly be the more convenient option.

via: Nokia Conversations

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