The Nokia N9; “A work of art” says Jesse Oguns – #RecapReview #2

A work of art and a beauty to behold. That is how I will label the Nokia N9. I have had a trial unit courtesy of Nokia Connects for a few days. The unit I have is Blue.

Those are the exact words of “The Brand Evangelist”. He is Jesse by name and he is a mobile enthusiast. He has handled quite a number of mobile phones in the past.

In this edition of the #RecapReview featuring the Nokia N9, Jesse on his blog simply describes it as a work of art. Here are some of the excerpts from his post:

What prompted me to trial this device is what I have heard about Swipe being addictive. After using it for a few days, I can tell you how addicted i have been to Swipe. I tend to Swipe each time on my Nokia N8 too.

On Messaging, here is what Jesse concluded:

I find the Messaging integration of the Nokia N9 very fascinating. The design of the sms UI and the speed with which the OS responds makes me want to keep texting. The touch keypads are well spaced and very responsive also.

Using Skype, Facebook and Gtalk chat feels like you are chatting using an iPhone. It is fast and clean.

On the Nokia N9’s native Browser, this is what Jesse says:

The native browser is HTML5 enabled. If you sign in to Twitter, you will get the mobile web app version of twitter.

Ofcourse you can navigate to Jesse’s blog as there are more to uncover. 🙂

In addition to Jesse’s wonderful write up, here’s “a bit extra” courtesy of Nokia Conversations featuring the Nokia N9.

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