#WeekendGame: Fillr


Name: Fillr

Publisher: Fill Apps

Type: Puzzle

Price: Free

Size: 9.09 MB

Download Link: http://store.ovi.com/content/127046

Fillr   Fillr

Spend this weekend playing an addictive game, Fillr, alone in Single Player or with friends online on Multiplayer mode.

Prepare to start your journey on the Fillr Land!
Fillr is an addictive, colourful and engaging game where your objective is to fill as many objects as you can with the same color. You can play in Single Player Mode or compete in a Multiplayer Mode against the computer or an online player. The game comes with 3 themes to choose from, 3 maps with over 20 levels based on the Fillr’s story and an unlimited number of custom levels built by our community members.

Kishan Gor is a Co-Founder of NokiaTips. He is Software Developer by profession and have a great passion for Programming and Gadgets.

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