What is nokia working on right now? Water resistant phones with Nano Technology :)

Well, we had a peep into the Nokia Laboratory via the NokiaConv website and guess what? Nokia is currently working on staying super dry with Nano technology. Now, this is good news! In a lay man’s term it simply means that in the near future, you wouldn’t really have to bother much when your Nokia phone falls into water 🙂

The Image above (courtesy of Nokia Conversations) is that of Chris Bower, the Principal Scientist at the NRC in Cambridge, and this is his summary:

“Like many scientists we are trying to copy what nature has been doing perfectly for thousands of years.”

To achieve the water-resistant, and stain-resistant, qualities of a lotus leaf the team at NRC is in the final stages of designing a Superhydrophobic coating which would be applied to the outside of a mobile phone.

If you’ve ever used a Teflon non-stick frying pan you’ll be familiar with ordinary hydrophobic coatings already available– but Superhydrophobic coatings add a nanostructure to trap a layer of air over the surface which ensures that a drop of water never reaches it.

The Team at the NRC in Cambridge have set up a demonstration of a Nokia Lumia 710 which has been treated with a Superhydrophobic coating made in the NRC labs.

You can navigate to http://conversations.nokia.com/2012/03/06/stay-super-dry-with-nokias-nanotechnology/ and see for yourself how Nokia intends achieving a water resistant mobile phone. There is a video over there too 🙂

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