Nokia Lumia 900 Hardware Teardown and Review


Bill Detwiler at TechRepublic disassembled Nokia Lumia 900 to have a peek at it’s hardware. They posted series of photo’s taken while disassambly.

Have a look at their full gallery at 

They also compared it with Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S and said

The Lumia 900 may lack of a dual-core processor and have a lower resolution screen and less storage capacity than the Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S, but it’s definitely the best Windows Phone 7 device I’ve tested. And even with its less-than-cutting edge hardware, I found the Lumia’s overall performance on par with the other two phones.


They are correct, hardware specs wise, they may lead, but Lumia 900 has sufficient specs to run Windows Phone smoothly or any other app, then burdening more on customers just for higher specs is senseless.

You can also read their full review at 

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