Re: Nokia N8 Running MeeGo

Dear Community,

31st March, 2012 has been a very interesting and challenging one indeed. Moreover this has proven to us how connected the Nokia community could be. To be sincere guys, whatever stunt we pulled yesterday concerning the MeeGo on the Nokia N8 was not planned or intended to be so.
Some of our team mates (including me) fell for that story but decided to tag along when we realized that it was a prank by our own Kish.

Here are some of the reactions we got:

Someone noticed!

Somebody Got Pissed

Now this is what really happened!
Just as @alsiladka rightly said, Kish took a screenshot of the MeeGo OS (ofcourse via the Nokia N9) and sent to his Nokia N8 which made a perfect fit. 😉

We are sorry.
Yeah Yeah! A whole lot of people would probably be sad right now. We had few bad responses too. Some tagged it as an act of publicity. Well, we are really sorry for inconveniences caused. Just as we usually do, we felt this would make a ‘lively’ weekend for you (our dear friends). We had no other intentions. Moreover, if that post was made today being April 1, it would have been very easy to notice so we may as well tag it an “April Fool’s Day Eve prank” 😉

There’s a history of what happened via Twitter Search in case you want to read:!/search/meego%20n8

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