WazApp : WhatsApp Client for Nokia N9

19 Apr , 2012  

Though officials refused to bring WhatsApp for MeeGo, MeeGo Community, known for great modding and development by #N9 & #N950Club community, brought unofficial client for popular messaging app WhatApps. This shows how dedicated this community is even though the mass is less!

Have a look at Video Demo:


The application website

Developer Twitter

via MyNokiaBlog

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  • felix

    How come this article only says Via MyNokiaBlog when MyNokiaBlog has Via N9Suomi? Shouldn’t N9Suomi be mentioned here as well?

    • Well, we mentions the source from which we came to know about this news!

  • reno

    Well I don’t think there is a certain source. The video was posted on youtube, so everyone can find it. The very first website which posted about WhatsApp port and the initial picture in early March was . So there are many via’s…. 😉

    May 1st is public beta release date!!