How to Escape Forced Nokia Suite Updates?


Nokia Suite frequently updates and mostly we have ‘important’ update. We are forced to update Nokia Suite if we want to use Nokia Suite. This is frustrating. Well, of course, important updates should be propagated as soon as possible to fix the major bugs and security issues.

But in some case, it is frustrating. For example, when I am at hostel or out of home, I am on slow (EDGE) connection. Nokia Suite updates are 68 MB normally. A connection giving fluctuating 12 kBps speed, would take more than 1.6 hours to update this. It’s not affordable always. Another case (of course my case too),  I use Nokia Suite to connect to internet using dial-up modem. How am I suppose to connect if I couldn’t open Nokia Suite too? Well, I know we can but I am considering naive users. So let me share a simple method, I use to escape this forced update.

For this, you will need a Software Installation Script for Symbian ( *.sis / *.sisx file). Now connect your Nokia phone to your pc. Nokia Suite won’t open up. So locate that Symbian Installer File and open it ( it should open with Nokia Suite). Nokia Suite will open with asking to update it. It will start searching device and ask if you really want to install, simply Cancel it. Now use Nokia Suite without worrying about updating. 😉 However, if you close Nokia Suite, you have to repeat this steps.

Happy Escaping. 😉

Don’t forget to comment your tricks. 😉

This tutorial is for escaping updates only when not feasible. We strongly recommend updating to latest updates.


Kishan Gor is a Co-Founder of NokiaTips. He is Software Developer by profession and have a great passion for Programming and Gadgets.

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