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Update: 13th May, 2012

Nokia nailed down the problem with “Download failure” it will be fixed on Monday (14 Apr 2012), and users will be able to download 1.0.0 version safely. Please do NOT press “Download” button more than 10 times to avoid double charges. More info at their official site: http://fm-radio.mobi

Nokia N9 FM Radio application for N9 unlocks FM receiver functionality for Nokia N9 phones. New version has 2 different themes and RDS support, it is far most popular radio application in the OVI Store.

Previously FM Radio (Retro) was shared for free as Beta version with many users, after testing was done, author gathered a lot of important feedback and made improvements in the backend. For instance, it would be impossible to support so many different headsets without Beta testing. Retro design was recognized by users as well, so new version has got a clear Fallout style theme. FM Radio was the first radio application in the store and after the public release became most popular very fast.

First OVI Store version was obviously lacking RDS support and in despite of good looking UI did not fully fit into Nokia N9 style. But version 1.0.0 change the situation completely. Now user can choose between Retro style and new Nokia N9 theme. New version has automatic channel search and supports favourite channel list.

After the introduction, let’s check available features:


User can freely switch between themes while listening to the radio. Classic style is a bit more powerful, since it allows to scan all channels and add them to the list automatically. It is possible to edit channel names or delete particular stations later.

Highly recommended to use Nokia N9 FM Radio application with headset to improve signal quality. Headset buttons can be used to control the application: switch between channels, turn on/off and change volume level. (Depending on number of buttons not all functionality is available.)

In both themes user can choose the frequency by swiping the scale and currently selected frequency is displayed above. Nice feature which is not obvious from the beginning is semi-automatic channel search. It is possible to initiate a directional search for nearby channels by long pressing left or right buttons in both themes. This feature is extremely useful if user wants to avoid total scanning and selectively save radio stations.

Signal level is displayed in Retro style and it is possible to save up to 12 stations. RDS can be seen by sliding signal meter down.

In general this application gives user a chance to decide – does he want to see old Retro well known FM Radio or feel complete integration with Nokia N9 software.


  • 100% compliance with phone user interface
  • Lightning fast RDS support
  • Automatic channel search
  • Unlimited list of favorite channels
  • Tuner control from headset
  • Loudspeakers support
  • Improved clear sound and stable signal reception

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Nokis Store:

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