Notekeeper for Symbian review

Well Symbian fans if you ever asked yourself if an Evernote application would ever be available for our beloved OS, your wait is over. Notekeeper comes to rescue us all. I’ve been awaiting for a decent Evernote client for ages. The WRT client previously available was a disaster. It stopped working since Symbian Anna, not to mention Belle. Even MeeGo got an Evernote client before Symbian. But now you can rest easy as we finally have a choice. Notekeeper synchronizes with your Evernote account in a matter of seconds. It can display your rich text notes even if you can edit only the plain text ones. The team behind Notekeeper came up with an ingenious way to allow you to do some editing on those rich text notes. It’s called append text. Basically you can append any amount of text at the end of such a note.

Ok, so here is what you get from Notekeeper: you have three different screens when you first start the application. First there is the notes screen which shows you all the notes you have in your Evernote account, regardless if the notebook they belong to, sorted by the last time they were modified. Second we have the notebooks screen that shows you all your notebooks sorted alphabetically, with Favorites on top of the list. Taping any of the notebooks will show you the notes assigned to them. Third is the tags section where you can see all you’re defined tags and you can also tap into any of them and you’ll see all notes tagged with that tag.

Notekeeper allows you to search for notes that contain a specific text, and displays a list with those matching items.

On to notes editing itself. Up to this version, Notekeeper can only edit plain text notes and append text to existing rich text notes. Rich text notes can be viewed, and the overwhelming majority of them are displayed perfectly, but on some of them there are some overlapping text areas. I can’t say for sure if this happens on all Belle devices, because I believe the rendering engine for the notes it’s based on the system Web browser which has been greatly improved in Belle FP1. I however can only run Belle standard on my Nokia N8. You can even interact with your rich text notes. For example, if you have a link in one of them, Notekeeper will open it up in the system browser.

Each note can be reassigned to a notebook by pressing the information button on the toolbar. Just select the notebook option and then select the desired notebook. From the same menu you can also tag a note with one of the existing tags or even create a new tag. Overall the application has a very responsive user interface and that is on a 680MHz Nokia N8. On the latest generation of Symbian devices is probably even faster.

The settings section allows you to choose if you want your notes synchronized even when you’re on your mobile data connection, sign out and change your Evernote account or connect to a different WLAN.

What I would like to see from this app in the future is widgets. Yes, more than one. I would like to see a widget that can browse trough my notes, and one shortcut-style widget to allow me to quickly create a note.

So let’s sum it up:

  • Evernote access
  • Nice and fast user interface
  • Simple to understand and effective to use


  • No rich text editing
  • No copy/paste text from rich text notes
  • No AMOLED friendly dark theme for the user interface

Notekeeper has a 10 day trial version available in the Nokia Store(download it here) and a full paid version(download it here). No matter if you’re a fan of Evernote or not, the app is definitely worth a try. For updates on the all you can follow @notekeeperapp on Twitter or visit their website.

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