TruBlackHD A Premium Theme By Mandeep Themes For Symbian Belle,Anna & S60V5

5 May , 2012  

 TruBlackHD banner

I Would like to Thank @Mandeep_Themes that he did a great job by designing this Clean Minimal & Battery Saver Theme ,This is the Theme which i am looking for. TruBlackHD comes with lot’s of third parties icon’s like Gravity,Shazam,Fmobi and Fsecure etc. Yes its a premium Theme but at minimal cost in India it will cost you  Rs.5/- and for others its 0.99Euro’s which is very Minimal Because after using TruBlackHD you will realise that it worth’s more.

  • The Home Screens:

Scr000062        scr000073


  • The Main Menu:

Scr000056       Scr000057

i like the web browser and nokia music icon’s a lot

Scr000058        Scr000059

The camera Icon Reminds me Old days,calculator and Dictionary icon’s also win’s my heart


The Facebook and Twitter icon’s looking too Good and also the new Asterisk sign of application’s running at background is really good implementation

  • The Music Player:


Music player in TruBlackHD got a new UI which is really good implementation by Mandeep its totally clean and looking good as compare to other Themes Even better from Nokia Evolve Theme



  • The Miscellaneous Screen Shots:



The Calendar UI


The Simple KeyPad 

Scr000071         Scr000072

The really clean Keyboard


The Colourful Status Bar

Scr000064     Scr000065       Scr000066

The Phone Settings and Connectivity Settings icons is really neat implementation by Mandeep


The Multitasking View is really improved and also gravity new icon looking great


The Analogue Clock View


The Calling Screen


As i mentioned earlier that TruBlackHD saves lots of Battery as its displaying in screen shot

Note: I tested the battery performance on 2G network so it may be less in case of 3G mode but in that too it will perform well

This Theme now available on Nokia store get your copy here  or check nokia store !! If you have any doubts or want to know anything about this Theme feel free to write a comment.


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