Very Limited Manufacturing of Nokia 808 PureView?

Nokia 808 PureView has been on buzz ever since it’s been announced. It was being heard that it will be available in India in May. Everybody is curious to know about its availability. So I just had a talk with a Nokia Priority Dealer here in Gujarat.

According to him, Nokia 808 PureView will be available in very limited stock. It will be manufactured only once and will be allocated to stores in very low count. He said around only 112 pieces are to be allocated to Gujarat and he may get around 2-3 devices only for his store and only single lot of Nokia 808 will come. Of course, this is very sad news. While asking about the date of it’s availability, he said, it was suppose to be available from  16th May but Nokia postponed it by around a month. About the price, he said, they were thinking to price it around Rs. 30k.

I am not sure if this is true, but if it is, availability of Nokia 808 is gonna be a serious issue. And if the stock is this much limited, I am sure, prices may go higher. Maybe we can have more info next month only.

Being Nokia 808 a dream phone for me (and most of you, especially N8 users), I wish this news turn out to be false. But this may be true because Nokia has already said they are targeting a niche market for Nokia 808 PureView.

Nothing can be said until Nokia India officially makes some statement about Nokia 808.

Kishan Gor is a Co-Founder of NokiaTips. He is Software Developer by profession and have a great passion for Programming and Gadgets.

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