Ananlytics for Nokia Belle review – Google Analytics

I was getting tired to receive those daily mails from Google Analytics with an attached PDF file that I had to open and then wouldn’t see much of anything about by website visits. So yesterday I decided to do a search(again) for the keyword “analytics” on Nokia Store. I did so before but no results popped up. I was thinking to myself “well if no one has done an GA app so far, maybe I’ll code one myself”. But as it turns out, I don’t have to anymore. It looks like somehow the author of this app, called simply “Analytics”, read my mind. So I install the free version, I login and then I see those simple screens that tell me exactly what I want to know. The app is so simple to use that I’m not sure why I’m writing this review.

Here’s how it works.

After you’ve logged in you are greeted with your Google Analytics profiles panel. Select one of your accounts and you’ll be taken to the profile overview panel where you’ll see the three vital metrics of you Google Analytics account along with an evolution chart containing a line for each of them: Visits, Unique Visiors and Pageviews. By default the app uses a one month period for reporting, but you can change that from the two date buttons one the left and right.

Once you select one of the metrics you’ll be taken in the details panel where you’ll see a chart with the evolution of that metric over the selected time interval, and a breakdown of that metric for each day in the interval.

That’s it! As simple as that. 5 panels that do everything. Some of you may say “But it doesn’t have segments, goals! Where is metric X? Where are my keywords?”. This app is not for that. I don’t think you should take your analytics to that level on you phone. This app is meant to keep an eye on your analytics data and when a flag is raised(you visits drop, or go up) then you log in to your computer and do whatever analysis you want.

The app has a free version too that is Ad supported. It offers the same functionality without any restrictions. I however preferred the paid one to get rid of the Ads.


Analytics Free Version

Analytics Paid Version

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