Blob for Nokia Belle review

Any Symbian user knows that Nokia Store has a lot of holes in it when it comes to apps. Android, iOS and even Windows Marketplace, they all have more apps than Nokia store. However, lately there’s been an infusion of good quality apps for the platform and one of them I’m gonna review today.

WordPress had an app available for Symbian for quite a while now, but the Blogger crowd was left in the dust. Until Blob happened.

Blob is an almost full featured Blogger(Blogspot) client. It supports rich HTML5 editing and viewing.

It only lacks one feature, but I miss exactly that one a lot, uploading pictures.

Blob has the ability to work both online and offline providing offline drafts(only pro version), and then synchronizing them whenever an internet connection is made available. You can also choose to completely disconnect and work only offline. You can always set the work mode to online later and all post will sync with the Blogger server.

The paid pro version offers a great clipboard for advanced users along with a rich text editor suitable for your blogging needs. You can add labels and even schedule an article publication, just like you do on the Blogger website.

At price of under 1 Euro this is a MUST buy for all Blogspot bloggers.

The main view is the first view you’re gonna see after you login and it shows you a list with your blogs.

Tapping one of your blogs will take you to a list of your latest posts from that blog. Each post is marked with a colored bullet, dark orange for published post and blue for unpublished posts.

Tapping a post will take you to the post viewer panel where you can see the post exactly as it is, in a HTML5 enabled browser. From here you can choose to edit that post by pressing the edit button located in left-middle. Pressing the comments button in(right middle) will take you to the comments list of that particular post. There you can also choose to add a comment to that post.

Besides the photo upload feature missing, this client is a full featured Blogger client. Even the photo issue can be worked around by enabling the Mail to Blogger feature on you blog.

The user interface is fast and I was convinced and bought the app in 10 minutes.

There is also a free version of the app but it does not offer offline drafts nor the exquisite clipboard.

You can download Blob from here:

Blob Pro Version – paid (Nokia Store)

Blob Free Version (Nokia Store)

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