Gravity CheatSheet

If you ask for the best apps on the Symbian platform and you don’t hear “Gravity”, you surely need to get your ear checked. 😉 Well, despite the fact that Symbian is leading its life towards its death, @janole has been working vigorously everyday to improve it and maintain it as best Social Networking Client. Salute to his hard work.

Gravity has this attitude of surprising us with shortcuts we may never have been aware of. So, I am creating this post to add as many shortcuts I have come to know so far. Many of them, you may already know but writing it just for a reference. The following may work only with latest build (7153).

  • Swipe left or right on Account page for multiple account tweet/status.
  • Press volume rocker or up/down key together to compose a new tweet. (Only with physical keyboard)
  • Start typing to compose a new tweet. (Only with physical keyboard)
  • Touch on the top to go to the top of the menu.
  • Press spacebar to go to the top of the menu. (Only with physical keyboard)
  • Press spacebar again to go back to where you came from to the top. (Only with physical keyboard)
  • Use volume keys to zoom in or out while viewing a map.
  • Touch to save/delete image while image preview.
  • Press backspace while hovering on an account on main, account page, to remove the account.
  • Pull down to refresh.
  • Touch Notifications on the right of Gravity’s notification bar to go to the history page.
  • Select a tweet and press ‘More’ to translate, copy and forward as SMS.

I am sure we have lot more to discover than this. Don’t forget to share the tips in comments. 🙂

Kishan Gor is a Co-Founder of NokiaTips. He is Software Developer by profession and have a great passion for Programming and Gadgets.

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