So finally the wait is over, the advance weaponry which could help Nokia  survive the Android and iOS  apocalypse has been launched. Last week Microsoft unveiled the brand new Windows Phone 8 nicknamed “Apollo” at a developer event. By looking at its fast and fluid interface and the cool new Startscreen with such lovely & dynamic live tiles it was worth waiting for.

But the big question is “When is WP8 Lumia are going to be shipped”??

Its been a more than a month since Nokia Lumia 900 was launched in the countryside while the rest world awaits for its GSM version. Emerging & Promising  markets like India,Europe,China are yet to be launched with Lumia 900. And  with the announcement  900 unable of getting WP8 the sales esteems doesn’t look too promising. While the Nokia pureview 808 is getting all its glory at the moment we mustn’t forget it’s fate is sealed same as N9.

So my worry here is that ki Microsoft has launched WP8 last week ,it is going to take about 2 or 3 months minimum time to actually get a Lumia WP8 running and launched. The Next event date is Nokia world On 25-26 September which is 2 and a half month later. Henceforth there is quite a possibility that Nokia may not launch a single Lumia  WP7.5 device in the next coming months.As WP7.5 devices won’t be updated to WP8.

There was a dual core proto  Lumia device in the Microsoft developer event but then again it lacked Pureview.Also there is quite possibility Nokia would launch the next flagship with pureview, which could take some time as porting to WP8 is quite a hurdle to cross.

Nokia have got all pieces of the puzzle, the great hardware and industrial design, the right materials , Sales network, an amazing Optics department and newest addition to their artillery is WP8 Apollo. Its just that pieces need to fitted perfectly to solve the puzzle and it takes time. But by then the competition would be moved on to JellyBean, iPhone5.

“Times are tough ahead friends, Have faith and yeah keep supporting Nokia.”

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