SymNote for Nokia Belle review

SymNote is an application that was and still is very popular among Symbian users that need to take notes wherever they are. It’s a Simplenote client that can also work offline. But what is Simplenote I hear you ask? Simplenote is an online service for saving and accessing simple text notes. It’s free, it has a web interface and client applications for just about every platform you can think of. So basically Simplenote is your across all devices notes taking utility.

SymNote is the only Symbian client for Simplenote, written in Qt and a quality one for that matter. The user interface is simple and effective. Without any bling the interface provides the user with all Simplenote functions and more.

The main scren has a search field so you can search trough your notes or you can filter them using tags.
You can create either simple text notes or checklists. The Simplenote service does not support checklists natively, but the author of the app, Talv Bansal has gone the extra mile to bring this functionality to the app. So not only does the app provide notes support but it can help you do your shopping too. I for one share the same Simplenote account with my wife and if there is ever anything she needs me to buy, she just creates a checklist on her phone and I can see it on mine in a matter of seconds.

The notes editor is basic as it should be (what can you edit in text notes?). SymNote also supports tagging the notes and pinning them. Pinning a note means actually marking it as a favorite so it’ll always show up at the top of your notes list. You can also search the edited note, delete it or re-fetch it, which actually re-syncs the note with the Simplenote service in case there were some incoming changes.

SymNote has two color themes, a dark one friendly with the AMOLED displays such as the Nokia N8’s and a white theme which can be chosed if you phone has an IPS LCD display such as the C7’s. You can also switch the font size, the app using by default the medium font. If you’re rocking an E7, X7 or 808 with a bigger 4 inch screen, a small font would allow you to see a bigger part of the note taging advantage of your big screen.

There’s not much else that can be said about SymNote. The app just works and it’s my main workhorse. I wrote this entire review using SymNote and the Nokia Betalabs Swype keyboard. SymNote has only a paid version that you can download from here but it’s worth every penny.

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