Last year in Feb. 2011 Nokia laid out its windows road map. It said Symbian era will fade out eventually and with glory. Said support to Symbian was thought up to 2016,but things right now look pretty messed up.On one side they are focusing on windows phone which is a good thing but on the other hand they are treating Symbian developers pretty bad.

Jan ole suhr needs no introduction. He is the man behind the most beloved and popular SNS app of all platforms “Gravity”. In spite of all his efforts of keeping Nokia and Symbian alive practically Nokia isn’t treating developers well. According to latest news Nokia has dropped a lot of its developers from Symbian programme.What’s more pathetic is that they aren’t invited for the windows platform yet. They have been shown the door.

Don’t know what’s gonna happen .There’s a lot of discontentment among developers community towards Nokia. Since the Inception Of S60v5 a lot of plans have been kicked off by Nokia i.e Qt,python etc but none succeded. What this does is developers joining the android and iOS bandwagon. And also existing developers in Nokia are falling towards JOLLA owing to better future as Nokia no longer produces Software.

Things are pretty dark and gloomy . Hope WP8 saves Nokia to that extent which can enable Nokia to keep selling Dummyphones .. signing off..

pics courtesy-TWITTER,ukmobilereview.


Update- Due to extensive  pressure from the entire Symbian blogging community Janole Suhr has been taken back in developer champions program. But Dear Nokia what about the other Developers????

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