[Review] Dalton The Awesome Reloaded

I had a lot of fun playing Dalton The Awesome on Nokia N9, spends lots of hours playing it. So stumbling on Dalton The Awesome Realoaded and buying it at the moment on my Nokia N8 was obvious. I bought it right away. But how was the experience? Let’s find out.

Well, what we have to do in the game is to just jump while Dalton is running. Looks simple huh? Well, it isn’t that simple. Zombies are running behind you. Save Dalton from the hurdles and run as long as you can. Kill the zombies to earn zombie souls which you can use to upgrade your powers.

Before we get into the  reloaded part, let me tell you little bit of only Dalton The Awesome. In Dalton The Awesome, you have three types of powers (or rather say Dalton)  Giant, Skater and Gunner. Giant would throw every visible zombie off the way by just a jump, Skater would skate faster and Gunner will shoot nearby zombies.  Game is so addictive that you will not be aware about how many hours you have spent playing it. You will get lust or running more and more. Yes, game is too addictive. And Dalton The Awesome is free too.

Now lets  move to new Reloaded version of the game. What’s more in reloaded version? It adds few more powers ( Dalton characters).


New characters added are Chainsaw, Jetpack, Biker, Boxer, Tank and AK-47 Gunner. Looks exciting right? New characters are really awesome, as they said, TRUE AWESOMENESS.


While whole games  is exciting, something doesn’t really make you love it. Before I explain all the issues it has got, let me tell you how greatly gaming experience changed in former version on N9 and N8. On Nokia N9, game is very smooth and gaming experience is truly nice. But while playing on  N8, experience degrades. Game isn’t as smooth as it used to be on N9. Other things are jump and zombie kill experience. On N9, jumping felt lot better. On N8, it’s bit too quicky in term of going up and down, not smooth experience like you will have on N9. Zombies can be killed by jumping over them. On Nokia N9, it was great, you can kill zombie without worrying much.While on N8, this thing isn’t realistic. You have to jump carefully, if you hit zombie a little early, like you land on his forehead (:P), you will end up losing a life. Gaming experience changes greatly this way. I really felt N9 version a lot better. Though, size on N8 is <4MB while on N9, it’s 37.4MB. Makes sense huh?

As I don’t have N9 now, I have not tried Dalton The Awesome Reloaded on it, but Nokia N8, running Nokia Belle, gaming experience is very poor. Game lags like hell. It not all. Once you start the game, even after closing the game, your phones becomes very very slow. You have to restart the phone to make it fine. I believe, game has got serious memory leak. Even games shows several pages blank, for example, leaderboard, notifications etc. Sometimes, grounds disappears. This things are crazy. Just to make sure that I am not the only person facing this, I went through reviews in store and users’ response on web. Almost everybody reported same.

Game is awesome, but user experience makes it worst. I really hope colorbox release a fix asap. If you are going to buy this game for your N8, think twice before buying. If this issues are fixed, this will make the game best.

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Store Link: http://store.ovi.com/content/169533

Image Courtesy: http://forum.dailymobile.net/index.php?topic=75168.0

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