Phone Freezing While Browing with Default Browser After Belle Refresh Update?

31 Aug , 2012  

I guess most of the Symbian Belle users out has received Belle Refresh update and rest of them are about to receive it. As @ctrohin said in previous post, indeed, Belle Refresh is not a great update. We got few more widgets (and most of them were already available separately), an updated browser and a new UI in music player. Not much, huh? Especially when you are expecting a better VKB, slightly overclocking and some other nice fp1 features. I was, too, disappointed with update.

Well, here I’m not going to talk about how good or bad update is actually. Belle Refresh brought an updated browser. I’m not really impressed with how they removed that menu screen having icons, with just text option menu. After the update, this browser is really causing trouble to me. I don’t browser much on my phone. I use clients of most of the services, but yes, we are on Symbian, dying (or dead already? ) platform, we don’t have clients for many services. So, sometime I have to use Browser and access their Mobile Web service.

While surfing using this new browser, phone suddenly freezes, nothing works! Only way to get my phone working is hard reboot, by pressing and holding power button for 8 sec. This is  very annoying. I wouldn;t consider this an issue if it had happened once, twice or thrice. But I face is almost every time I am browsing. It has happened 6 or 7 times so far ( and I haven’t used browser more than 8-9 times ). This bug is crazily annoying. I am not sure if other are facing this bug. I updated my Nokia N8 to Belle Refresh with OTA update.

Please feel free to comment any of you have faced this issue or just let me know your feedback on this issue. You can also discuss with us @NokiaTips.


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  • Lucky me, I’m not having the same problem. I love the new widgets and the update 🙂

  • Hash

    Try connecting ur N8 over Ovi Suite and under the Software update section reinstall the software.

    OTA updates cannot necessarily be succesful due to bandwith connections also.

    I did my my belle refresh update over the Nokia Ovi Suite and it is working perfectly fine, including the browsing part also.

  • seldo

    not an impressive update!! I am already using all the widgets with my hacked n8 belle… Its nothing new for me!!!!!(except the music ui which looks great)

  • my n8 also hangs when i browse web fron its main web browser. It freezes and only last option to bring it in working mode is hard power shutdown. Its hapend aftr belle refresh. I thnk its bug of belle should must reslove it with next update

  • Masula

    I am having all sorts of issues after Belle Refresh update on my Nokia N8, phone crashes, browser crashes, phone restarts etc. Nokia belle worked fine without any problems and I regret updating to Belle Refresh

  • Cengiz

    When install a new update (fresh) i have new problem on my browser

    When i write in Google search page Nokia is suggest me but this suggestions are appear on the my writing area and i did not write comfortable

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  • mik

    I had a similar problem, default browser freezing repeatedly, only since I finally accepted the updates to “social”. So I deleted all the “Social” apps, (Social, Facebook, Twitter) and during this process the phone said it had to close a running app. No apps were showing in the current list, so I guess there maybe is a background app associated with social which runs all the time and interferes with the browser? I let it close the app and remove all Social components, and now my browing is fast again and does not freeze up.

  • mike1

    delete “social” and all associated apps eg the nokia twitter, facebook utilities (they don’t work anyway!!), instantly the phone is back to being fast for emailing photos, and no longer freezes when web browsing. some hidden associated component is running in the background and interfering