What’s new in Nokia Belle Refresh

Refresh is the best name Nokia could have named this update. It tells you all about it. Just like when you go on your web browser, hit refresh and nothing happens, just a page reload, the same happens with Belle Refresh: not much. I was a bit sarcastic there but that’s only because I think Nokia could have put a bit more effort into this update and bring us some exciting and much awaited features. I think that after almost 8 months of development they simply could have done more.

Let’s see what’s new. Nokia added a bunch of new widgets with a gazillion clock widgets(important right?), the much awaited Mail,new arrival, toggles for 3G, Mobile Data, Offline mode and Silent mode, contact groups and a weather widget with the associated app.

The new bookmark widget makes a very welcomed addition, along with the data counter widget which most of use were eagerly waiting for.

We also got a new and welcomed Notes widget, a new calendar agenda widget, two music player widgets and the photo wall widget.

The music player was revamped.

The web browser got updated to version 8.3. Not much of a speed improvement, but on paper it’s HTML5 compatibility has been improved. The browser also got a small UI overhaul, with a new Favorites button making it’s way to the toolbar replacing the old Add bookmark button. The favorites view is now split into three tabs: Most visited, Bookmarks and History.

What Belle Refresh DIDN’T get? Well, here is the list of commons sense expectations that were not met:

1) New keyboard a-la FP2
2) Notifications split from activities and new email in notification area
3) Minimal overclock
4) New camera UI (for N8 at least)
5) Gallery

Maybe expecting some of these features to make it to Belle Refresh was wishful thinking, but let’s hope that maybe they will still arrive along the way.

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