Nokia To Sue HTC for 8X Design?

No doubt, HTC was known for it’s nice unique design, but it seems they are running out of new desing idea. 😉 HTC announced their first WP8 which includes 8X too.

Patent war is not new thing these day, many of which doesn’t seem legit too. But if you compare Nokia Lumia 820 with HTC 8X, they will look almost similar from front. 

Close enough, huh? It’s not the WP8 that is giving similar look but it’s design of device too which makes it look similar to Lumia polycarbonate design. ‘s source reported that Nokia is planning to sue HTC for using its patented design. Their source said,

The reports are saying Nokia is preparing to get HTC 8X banned in various parts of the world from going on sale when it will launch in November. Nokia has said in reports that the front-face of HTC 8X looks identically same as of the Lumia 820 followed by side-curves of the phone body.

Ultimately, it will be tough for HTC go with launch of it’s new, first WP8 devices in the market.

Source & Image Courtesy: PC-Table



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