Windows Phone 8 Lumia with 21MP PureView camera?

A few days before the Nokia World kicks off, our own Kish had an interesting chat with Nokia’s head of imaging Damian Dinning(aka @PhoneDaz, aka Father of the N8, aka Father of PureView, you get the idea). He was trying to poke the bear, if you know what I mean. Kish asked the man about a rumor that has been around about a 21MP camera. You can follow the entire conversation here but here is the interesting part:

Damian neither confirmed nor denied the existence of such a 21MP PureView camera on an upcoming Lumia device, which can only mean Kish was close enough. The latest leaks show a Lumia with a much smaller bump on the back than the 808 PureView, which can only mean a smaller sensor.

Leaked image of upcoming Lumia PureView device

Damian also said that PureView is a combination of software and hardware yields better results and better performance. This could mean that Nokia has improved the PureView technology to use smaller sensors with improved results. Maybe PureView 2? Who knows.

So taking both rumors into considerations we should see a Lumia PureView device pretty soon, with most likely a dual core Krait CPU and a camera around 21MP. Even if it won’t be able to come close to the 41MP goodness of the 808, it’ll still kick the heinie of each and every other smartphone out there that claims to be a camera phone.

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