Nokia Xpress Intenet for Lumia phones hits BetaLabs

Well folks, you know that cool thing Opera Mini does when it compresses web pages to save you data consumption? You know that the same tech is used by Nokia with the Asha browser? Well, Lumia users you’re in for a treat.

Nokia has just added a new cool app called Nokia Xpress to Beta labs. This app is a web browser that uses Nokia’s cloud to compress web pages and images to save you buck on data costs. Besides being a full fledged browser, Nokia Xpress adds a few more goodies like tabbed browsing, most visited pages and a magazine view for your favorite blogs.

Nokia Xpress also gives you the ability to see how much data it has consumed and you can set the downloaded image quality. The app is still in beta so it misses some features like the ability to specify if you want to see the mobile version of a website or the desktop version, or the ability to use the IE10 user agent, but those will most likely be added in the near future.

Have to say that this was one app that the Windows Phone ecosystem really needed. I’m not sure if the app is available for other Windows Phones but what I can say is that the entire Lumia line is supported.

Anyway, here’s the official video presentation.


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