Fix for Swype for Symbian is available

26 Nov , 2012  

Yesterday, Swype for Symbian’s beta expired and stopped working as we reported. Update was unlikely from the developer, but great community has finally managed to find a fix for it.

varfolomey on Daily Mobile Forum has patched the dlls to update the expiration date for the beta build and as he stated, he updated year to 2099!

Quoting him:

Swype was programmed to work until today, now it is useless and hangs whole the system
Since no update is coming we need to try to patch some dlls ourselves.

Only unpacked PenInputLayoutPluginSwype.dll contains a date – oct 19 2011 (screen)
This is a date when package was build (screen2)
I tried to put 2012 instead of 2011, but that didn`t help
Any suggestions?  Smiley

So I managed to fix Swype at last. I was correct about 2011 in a first place. My mistake was that I packed modded Dll and Swype didn`t start. Just now I decided not to pack it and it worked. I changed date to 2099.

put file into c/sys/bin folder and restart

if you have swype installed on E drive, you should put file into e/sys/bin and hash file into c/sys/hash

 S^3 hash
 S60v5 hash

Big thanks to him for a quick fix. This is just an another example of how great community never lets Symbian or MeeGo die (completely).

Thanks @vin2ktalks for taking it to our notice. 🙂

Source: Daily Mobile Forum

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  • Kiraa 64

    Yes big man yuh sort out di ting proppa!!!!
    Straight up props 2 di genius, kuz it look like we (Symbian) are forgotten.

  • Aashish

    How do I access the C:Sys folders?

  • Sonja

    I have the 2.1 version because of additional dictionaries I needed. And this fix works for 2.01? What can I do? Thanks.

  • Sonja

    It works with this version, sorry for my previous post. Cheerio!

    • glad you got it working. 🙂

  • Albe

    WOW! It works!
    Thank you very very much! ohh now i can swyping yet!:-)

    • All thanks to the author of the patch. 🙂

  • aadil

    Installers are available on n8fanclub, probably the same files included, good community reaction.

  • Jyoti

    I cant download it… its showing i have no permission…pls help..

    • Hi Jyoti,
      Please visit Source and register/login there to download.

  • jrpro

    when i click on the download link it says “you are not allowed to access this section” please help me i’ve even registered at the source.

  • Hi jrpro, please have a look at the comment above you. 🙂

  • Ace

    hey! i can’t download the varf & hash files (s60v5)! I’VE LOGGED IN TO DAILYMOBILE.NET ! still error occured was stated. please do email me with a valid download link, please please. i really missed swyping! it become really infuriating and irritating using the default alphanumeric keypad since i’ve got pretty accustomed with swype.

  • ihechi

    i’m using version 2.01(4426) will it work? If no please post a link to download a version it would work with.

  • peterpan

    Hey, I’m using 2.01 (sometimes named 2.1) to. This fix doesent work there, because german language pack creates an other .dll