Nokia is about to block access to Navifirm starting from next month.


In my honest opinion, This is about the most terrible news to start the year with. As I just read from the guys at smartmobil; Starting next month, access to nokia firmware files from Navifirm will be prohibited. For those of us who have always relied on Navifirm to grab firmware updates before others (either for reviews or just to be ahead of our mates), this is not gonna be good on us.

Nokia will close open connection to Nokia Firmware Repository during January 2013 and Implement access control.
Ater this, the Nokia Online login is required to access Nokia Firmware Repository.
During transition phase (December 2012 – January 2013), both open and restricted channels are open, but the open channel will be closed at the end of January 2013
After this, application updates and device software downloading are possible only by using the latest software releases with service NOL login supported.


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