Swype for Symbian Updated – Finally!


As we reported at No More Swype For Symbian Now? , Swype stopped working on Symbian almost one and a half month back. However, as said at Fix For Swype For Symbian Is Available , we got a fix for it but it required hacking.

Guys at Swype did promise about a new update extending the beta trial.  Finally, we have received a new beta build which is working, again.

Hey there Symbian users. We’ve made a small patch for those of you who’ve experienced the timeout on S^3 and S60. Click that download link over there to find the update. We’ll be watching the forums so reach out if you experience any problems.  Thanks Symbian Swypers for all of your dedication, and I hope your Swyping finger isn’t too lazy from the holiday feasting.

In the spirit of Symbian and 2013, we’re giving away some Swype gear at www.facebook.com/swype. Head on over and try your luck 🙂

More to come!

Peter @ Swype

Head to Betalabs to download the new built.

I was one of those who was lazy to hack and use a fix. Finally after 40 days, it feels great to be back on swype, what about you?

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