Sooner or Later for Windows Phone – Todos made easy

One of the most complex things that everyone does with their smartphones is personal tasks management. Everyone hates adding todos and organizing them into lists and everything. Windows Phone was designed to simple and minimal, and the app that I’m about to introduce respects that in every way. I almost gave up using Todo list software until I encountered this little app. I was using the built OneNote for the most simple of things. No more. Don’t get me wrong, I still use OneNote, but not for such trivial things.

Sooner or later offers you the ability to add todos in a quick and effective manner, into 3 separate categories: Soon, Later and Scheduled. The Soon category also appears on the live tile, should you choose to pin it to the homescren. You can move items between the three categories as well as completing them… or not. Undecided right? Well, Sooner or Later offers you the ability to set your todo as complete or to move it to the “never” list, in case you changed your mind about it.

The adding process is painless and the input needed from the user is minimal, just type your todo text and you’re done. You do have the ability to add a more detailed description, and for scheduled todos add a date when they’re supposed to expire.

Moving todos and changing their status from complete to never or the other way around is done by simply tapping the todo entry. A menu will appear allowing you to edit, or move the entry to other lists.

You can head over to the Sooner or Later Markeplace page to give it a try.

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