Nokia Play 360 speaker review

I’m a family man. I’ve got a kid. I’ve gotten used to the thought that my big 5.1 audio system will be sitting quietly next to the TV and pop a tune once a couple of months. Metallica won’t be crashing trough, 5 hours a day anymore. But that’s fine, the kid more than makes up for it 🙂

The kid is now big enough to dance around the house and he started loving music just like his daddy did three decades ago. I’ve seen many people improvising all kind of sound systems for their kids, since there’s no niche for that kind of audio on today’s market(here’s a business idea for you). My answer came almost a month ago when I was picked one of the winners of a contest ran on Twitter by Nokia Romania. The main prize was a Nokia Play 360 speaker. I saw some reviews a while back, and even played around with one on Nokia Demo Days 2012, but never actually had it for long enough to form a proper opinion. But now I do. And I love it. Moreover, the kid loves it. How can you tell? you may ask. Well, every day we go out to play with other kids on the playground. The first day we had the Play 360 in his room playing Jessie J. and Rizzle Kicks, the kid didn’t wanna go outside anymore. So yes, he loves it 🙂 And what’s there not to love?

Here’s what you can do with it:

Put it wherever you want

Being mobile has it’s advantages. With a battery that is capable of up to 20 hours of playback on a charge, you don’t have to worry about missing your loud music when you go anywhere. I personally use it to lure my son away from his room whenever I want him to move to different room for some reason 🙂

Charge it anywhere

All you need is a micro-USB cable and that’s it, charging and playing like there’s no tomorrow.

Bluetooth enabled

Doesn’t matter which phone plays the music, the Play 360 doesn’t mind sharing. Be it a Nokia Lumia or whatever other phone, the speaker plays back everything your throw at it.

NFC enabled

I love NFC. Since I got my hands on my new Lumia 820(thanks J.C.), I started using the NFC chip on it to pair the phone with the Play 360 speaker, and boy is it effortless. Just tap the speaker and the music switches from the phone to the speaker instantly.

Bass for everybody

Bass? From a mobile 2W speaker? Yes, believe it or not it’s there and you can feel it even in the first status sound the speakers pops. It’s unbelievable how much bass this smallish speaker can output.

There are other countless ways to use the speaker. You can use it with wired device by connecting the 3.5mm audio jack or you can pair it with another Play 360 to get stereo music. Anyway you look at it, this speaker will surprise you pleasantly. Here’s the official presentation video:

The Play 360 is a jack of many trades and only your imagination can limit the ways this device can be used. I, for one, enjoy it along with my kid, or in the kitchen whenever we cook and want some entertainment in the process.

Can you think of any crazy way you could use this speaker? Let us know in the comments below.

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