Nokia and its love for Music

Nokia and its love for Music

No this is not about Nokia’s Mix Radio service, although it is somewhat connected to that. Remember this video from the Nokia Lumia 1520

Its a live performance by Niila┬árecorded with a bunch of Nokia Lumia 1520’s. I went in search of the original work of the same and found these

Niila just has 5 videos till date and less than 300 subscribers in his YouTube. Just think of the Nokia’s advertisements and device promo videos for a moment, all of them has great music! Like all of them! I am amazed how Nokia takes the time and effort to do this, to find great music even from less famous artists. I never knew him before the 1520 video. And also the Balance by Future Islands, is also another example of,┬áNokia and its love for Music.

This one above is just a child humming, yet it has a soul. Its brilliant.

This one is just a clicking sound or something, yet it has something in it. We at NokiaTips love the love Nokia has for Music <3, and the Dolby Mobile support, and the new worlds first Dolby 5.1 in the Nokia Lumia 930, and soon in the Nokia Lumia 1520, are emphasizing the same.


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