Nokia Creative Studio 6 & 6.1

Nokia Creative is an amazing tools enhancing photos since 2012. With Nokia Creative Studio version 6, its about to get even better. The current version is The new UI is more like Instagram. You get to see the effects applied in real time so that you can apply all they can offer, and you can choose what you think is the best from the list of filters/effects.

Creative Studio 6.0 supports the dual capture, which means that you can rotate, straighten and change the aspect ratio of any image after you’ve shot it, over and over again without loosing any quality, non-destructive editing that is. But how is it made possible, that we’re not quite sure yet. Perhaps it keeps the original intact and the modified versions separate.

The list of filters are as follows:

  • Vivid
  • Warm Caress
  • Warm Horizon
  • Retro Fade
  • Retro Cool
  • B&W Fade
  • B&W Strong
  • B&W Antique
  • Pure
  • Nightlife

Enhance Module takes care of the brightness, saturation, clarity. We have one click auto fix too, like the Windows Phone’s built in auto fix which does nothing than increasing the brightness. We hope Creative Studio will do something better. Blur has been enhanced too.

There is also a word about Creative Studio 6.1 which will add color pop to the CS 6. CS 6.1 will have better color pop and red-eye reduction. Nokia CS 6 launches with the sale start of Nokia Lumia 930, and will replace Creative Studio on all Lumia devices eventually. If you have auto app updates enabled in your Windows Phone, you don’t have to sweat. Its all automatic, and you’ll be surprised when the next time you launch the CS or when the store gives a notification that a app as been updated.

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