CEO of HMD Global showcases Nokia prototype phones

In a somewhat rare move, Juho Sarvikas, CEO of HMD Global, took to Twitter to showcase some of the prototype phones that Nokia has in the pipeline for launch in the near future. He showcased a wide variety of different Nokia devices.

From the first prototype of the Nokia 6, when it was cut from an Aluminum block. There are pictures present of the Nokia 1 and the Nokia 8110 4G too. Some early Sirocco models showing how the phone evolved in the various stages of evolution was also shown by him. Anyways, let’s have a look at the gorgeous prototypes-

These are the prototypes of the Nokia 1 and Nokia 8110 4G


Nokia 8 Sirocco during various stages of prototyping


Nokia 6


This provides a rather unique look into the complex world of manufacturing phones both for people and shows how many iterations a design has to go through before its finalized as a design for the phone.

Find more pictures of the devices here-

Nokia 1 and Nokia 8110 4g

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia 6

Karan Raj Baruah