Nokia selected by Frontier Communication to deliver 10 Gigabit Internet

In an announcement made on its website, Nokia announced that it had been selected by Frontier Communication to deliver 10 Gigabit Internet connections to various residential and commercial establishments. Frontier Communication is a leading US based provider of high speed voice and data connectivity in various locations throughout USA.

The service will use Nokia’s XGA-PON technology to deliver fast internet connectivity to various customers. The initial rollout of the service will begin in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. Gradually services will also expand to the states of California and Florida.

Steve Gable, CTO and EVP at Frontier Communications, stated: “We are excited to be working with Nokia on solutions that bring multi-Gigabit services to the home and quickly scale to 10 Gigabits and beyond. Nokia’s platform will enable us to effectively support xDSL, P2P fiber, GPON and 10Gbps PON requirements and gain the flexibility to seamlessly evolve into future PON technologies. Nokia’s solutions will enhance the customer experience by offering a Frontier fiber-powered internet that is as fast as it is reliable.”

Federico GuillĂ©n, president of Nokia’s Fixed Networks, added: “As demand for Gigabit and symmetrical services grows, the use of next-generation fiber will play a critical role in providing the ultra-broadband services customers require today and in the future. With a proven track record of next-generation fiber technology deployments, we were able to demonstrate how our XGS-PON solution could help provide a cost-effective path to 10Gbps and the flexibility to evolve with demand.”

Nokia makes this announcement on the heels of a similar announcement about working with Chorus in Auckland to create a Optical Wavelength Service. Nokia also made another announcement about working with Osram to create indoor lights that could broadcast 5G network to users.

Karan Raj Baruah