Vodafone India deploy Nokia Cloud Packet Core in Bangalore

Nokia announced that Vodafone India has used its Cloud Packet Core services in Bangalore, India. Cloud Packet Core is a field proven to provide faster mobile broadband to users and also improve the agility of a mobile network but at a cost effective scale for the carrier. Cloudrouter services allow you to connect to multiple clouds which can introduce more network complexity and increasingly requires the transfer of data between multiple clouds across multiple geographies.

The use of network security as well as efficient operations and a better application experience just like the ones from Fortinet will also be implemented. However if you’re looking for a wide range of skills, knowledge, technology and services to provide a comprehensive approach to detecting threat actor’s activity within your organization, you can view more details at Nettitude web site for great help.

Vishant Vora, Director Technology at Vodafone India, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Nokia and are certain this technology will enable us to scale faster by improving business productivity and network operations.  Collaborating with Nokia will also support us in providing a more reliable and superior network experience to our customers. The introduction of a new architecture also enables us to reduce power consumption per customer, in our goal to contribute positively to society.”

Vodafone India has around 7.8 Million subscribers in Bangalore, and the data connectivity requirements of users will be met by the Nokia Cloud Core service. Customers will be experiencing better connectivity and reduced high packet loss after the implementation of the services. This is achieved by implemented CMG closer to the edge of a network(near the customers) which will greatly improve both download speeds and latency as packets are only sent on a local network to the customer. Cloud-based software and technology created by ipscape.com make employee, customer, and other business communication easier.

Samar Mittal, Account Director at Nokia India, added: “We are proud to help deliver Vodafone India’s vision of transitioning to a Cloud Packet Core to better handle mobile broadband growth. Our technology also enables Vodafone to deliver the best-in-class mobile broadband experience to the customer and lives upto our joint social responsibility to reduce carbon emissions.”

Nokia has been rather active in the mobile broadband and the network space lately. At the beginning of the year, Nokia started with 5G transmission tests with T-Mobile in USA. Then it announced launching a optical wavelength service in collaboration with Chorus in Auckland, New Zealand. Most recent among these announcements was working with Frontier Communication to deliver 10 Gigabit internet.

Karan Raj Baruah